Our Story

Our Values

At Blights we have 4 values that form the foundation of how we work and live –

Humility, Community, Independence & Performance.


There’s a thin line between confidence & arrogance – it’s called humility.



You won’t understand the unabashed power of a community until you’re part of one.



Every man gotta right to choose his own destiny.

Bob Marley


Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Steve Martin

Company Profile

Entering a relationship with Blights, you’re placing yourself in the safe hands of experienced real estate specialists who understand your needs and care about your future.

Since 1902, helping the people of our communities achieve their goals and dreams has been at the heart of everything we do. As we strive to become South Australia’s leading independent regional real estate brand, we’re committed to ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of all our customers. Just ask the many families who have trusted Blights with their most valuable assets over generations.

As we’re fond of saying, our reputation rides on the success we’ve achieved over lifetimes, not just moments.

Brand Purpose

We aren’t owners of the Blights Real Estate brand -we are custodians.

Our job is to enhance the reputation of this 120 year old business so that it continues to prosper for another 120 years.

And by re-establishing the independence of this iconic regional brand, we are creating a legacy that will be benefit regional communities for many generations to come.

Blights Real Estate Since 1902

A team of experienced real estate specialists in Port Pirie, Whyalla & Yorke Peninsula, helping our community with their property goals.

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